03 October 2012

MTSSR courses open!

1. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering 2. Professional cookery and services Contact 2344722 or 2331077 Closing date: 14 oct 2012

06 January 2012

Flash News

Prof. David Thompson from the School of Medicine at The University of Manchester will give a talk on studying Medicine this coming Monday, 09 January 2012, 230pm  at the Lecture Theatre, Maktab Sains College...

10 July 2011


UCAS applications:  Website: www.ucas.com
      1. Click Apply
      2. Click Register/Log in Use to Apply 2012
      3. Click Register
      4. Complete details
      5. Needed details:
                  a.    Buzzword
                  b. Date of entry: 01 Sep 2012
                  c. Source of funding: 09 Other
                  d. Residence: Brunei
                  e. Employment: (Details of work place - only if you are paid - ATTACHMENT OR VOLUNTARY SERVICE NOT INCLUDED)
                  f. Other details to refer to Career officers

Important Dates:
1.     6th Feb – Start saving money (by August you should save B$55)
2.     1st March – Send in your first draft of Personal Statement
3.     1st April – Send in your second draft of Personal Statement
4.    May – June – Send in your follow-up drafts of Personal Statement
5.     15th June – Register to UCAS
6.     30TH July – Send in your final draft of Personal Statement
7.     1st August – Send your Curriculum Vitae to your Group Tutor
8.     20th August – Teachers references for OxBridge applicants
9.     1st September – applicants to OxBridge Universities UCAS submission
10.     13th September – Teachers references for med / den / vet applicants
11.     15th September – applicants for medicine / dentistry / vet submission
12.      20th September – Teachers references for other UCAS applicants
13.     1st October – All UCAS applicants submission

1.     No teachers is available to provide your REFERENCES, PREDICTED GRADES or even SUBMIT your UCAS if you are sending after OCTOBER.
2.    DO NOT try to send in January 2012 onwards because the teachers are REALLY BUSY.
3.    Start to behave well, any disciplinary behavior will be taken into account and you need to be nice to all of your teachers who are writing comments about you from time to time.
4.    Predicted grades are based on QUALIFYING EXAMS – so DO WELL!!

25 February 2011

27 June 2010


Hey all,

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