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FARAH & AIMAN: Hello, assalamualaikum and goodmorning! my name is Hasfarah / Aiman Danial from 10R We will be presenting our 3mL session for 10R
FARAH: Today we will be talking about RBAF and I'm sure everyone is familiar with the term?
AIMAN: RBAF or Royal Brunei Armed Forces Or well known as ABDB, Angkatan Bersenjata Diraja Brunei Though it was formerly known as Brunei Malay Regiment or Asker Melayu Brunei, that was before 1965
FARAH: Roles of RBAF are to Deter any outside powers intending to undermine directly or indirectly in the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the State of Brunei, and to prevent any subversive elements actual or potential operating in the State of Brunei;
AIMAN: Secondly, Undertake military operations to counter aggression, terrorism or insurgency; Next is to, Assist in maintenance of public order in support of the Police and Civil Authority, if called upon
AIMAN; And finally, Maintain good Community relations by which the …
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by 10T - MSPSBS
- Youth worker is a person that works with young people to engage them in informal education - Youth work also means a planned program of education designed for the personal and social development of young persons through their voluntary participation and which complements their formal, academic or vocational education and training
What does Youth Worker do • Guide and support young people (between the ages of 11-25) in their personal, social and educational development to help them reach their full potential in society. • Responsible for planning, organizing and overseeing community programs designed to redress inequalities.
What are their responsibilities for this job • Providing advocacy and counseling • preparing and distributing publicity materials and displays • Promoting young people’s interests • Undertaking detached ‘outreach’ youth workers • Recruiting, training and supervising volunteers and paid employees
Advantages of youth worker • gets to help young…

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Prof. David Thompson from the School of Medicine at The University of Manchester will give a talk on studying Medicine this coming Monday, 09 January 2012, 230pm  at the Lecture Theatre, Maktab Sains College...


UCAS applications:  Website:
      1. Click Apply
      2. Click Register/Log in Use to Apply 2012
      3. Click Register
      4. Complete details
      5. Needed details:
                  a.    Buzzword
                  b. Date of entry: 01 Sep 2012
                  c. Source of funding: 09 Other
                  d. Residence: Brunei
                  e. Employment: (Details of work place - only if you are paid - ATTACHMENT OR VOLUNTARY SERVICE NOT INCLUDED)
                  f. Other details to refer to Career officers

Important Dates:
1.     6th Feb – Start saving money (by August you should save B$55)
2.     1st March – Send in your first draft of Personal Statement
3.     1st April – Send in your second draft of Personal Statement
4.    May – June – Send in your follow-up drafts of Personal Statement
5.     15th June – Register to UCAS
6.     30TH July – Send in your final draft of Personal Statement
7.     1st August – Send your Curriculum Vitae to your Group …

If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact....